Becoming a VCE Certified Master Gardener

Individuals who are interested in the Virginia Cooperative Extension-Master Gardening
training program should contact the local Extension office at (434) 799-6558.

  1. The training classes are held once a year, usually in the fall, and consists of 50 hours of classroom training.
  2. After completion of the classroom training, the student becomes a Master Gardener Intern.
  3. Once an intern, an individual must spend a minimum of 50 volunteer hours performing
    hands-on horticulture-based, educational programs that are arranged through the
    Extension office and/or the local Danville Master Gardener Association.
  4. Upon completion of these steps, a certificate is issued from the Cooperative Extension
    to become a Certified VCE - Master Gardener.
  5. In order to maintain certified status, one must contribute 20 volunteer hours and 8 hours
    of ongoing education yearly through the variety of activities that are made available through the Extension Office and the local association.

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